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Eegance In Action

Elegance in action

Because elegance is a human, collective and universal value, Lacoste places it at the heart of its commitments. Discover it in action through all of our initiatives, for a society with more solidarity and responsibility.

We are not born crocodiles. We become crocodiles.

Lacoste Foundation. 15 years.

The Lacoste Foundation supports the social and professional integration of young people and contributes to the improvement of local communities’ living conditions. For 15 years, more than 100,000 young people have been helped through 200 projects that combine sport and education.

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Acting from the heart

Beginning yesterday, continuing today and working for the future. Discover our sustainability initiatives.
Give for Good logo by Lacoste
December 2020

Give for Good

For the end of 2020, Lacoste slipped a solidarity postage voucher in all parcels sent in France. The idea: send for free clothes in good condition that you don't wear any more to disadvantaged young people, via the association Apprentis d'Auteuil.
Renovated tennis court Etendart Lacoste

Lacoste | Etendart

A renovated and redesigned tennis court in Clichy La Garenne by artists Opéragraphiks and Youssef Sy. The idea: allow for free access to the practice by all disadvantaged, amateur or passionate local communities.
Pizza and polo delivery in support of the medical personnel in New York during the pandemic
April 2020

New York Tough

To support the medical personnel of New York hospitals who were there 24/7 during the height of the pandemic, Lacoste has teamed up with two local restaurants to distribute free meals and polos to say thank you.
Woman who makes coats in the Argentina Lacoste factory

Argentina Volunteers

During the pandemic, the Lacoste factory of San Juan reopened its doors with a strict sanitary protocol. Thanks to its volunteer employees, 12000 coats and 45000 masks were made and distributed for medical personnel.
Save Our Species Lacoste Polos
2018 - 2019

Save our Species

The crocodile gives up its place to 10 endangered animal species in a limited edition polo collection. The aim: support the Save Our Species programme for the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
A winning team!

Thank you to all the associations and to the thousands of men and women who work daily with Lacoste, internally and externally, and who participate in developing a better world with more solidarity. ​ Thank you for your fautless tenacity, your ever daring ideas, your constructive team spirit and your steadfast elegance.

Junior players in Chantaco Lacoste golf course
The heritage of René Lacoste

The origin of our commitments

Attentive to equal opportunities and, already, to the planet, René Lacoste initiated a vast plantation project on the family golf course in Chantaco in the 30s. On more than 50 hectares, 50,000 trees were planted. An action that meant the forestry workers of the region avoided compulsory work service in Germany.​ Later, with his wife, he also allowed junior players who assisted the players and the personnel's children to train on the same golf course. And a whole generation of young golf champions were born...

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René Lacoste

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