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Summer Attitude

Fresh colours and iconic codes come together in this new Crocodile wardrobe. Been waiting for them? The summer essentials have arrived.

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We are Lacoste

French savoir-faire iconic Lacoste polo

Lacoste x Netflix

Plot twist: the Crocodile slips into your Netflix series! " Bridgerton ", " Lupin ", " Stranger Things ", " Sex Education "... somewhere between fashion and pop culture, welcome to a crossover wardrobe.

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We are Lacoste

French savoir-faire iconic Lacoste polo

L003 Neo

Inspiration drawn from the tennis ball – which bounces between lines, across time, always moving, from one world to another.


We are Lacoste

SINCE 1958

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Discover Lacoste sneakers for men and women, from the most sporty to the most trendy, without forgetting the classic sneakers.

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Polo care: Lacoste tips

Washing, drying, ironing, folding: a simple ritual for an eternal polo (and small gestures that change everything).

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