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The Peanuts Gang and the Crocodile

The Peanuts Gang and the Crocodile

More than a collaboration, this is a celebration of two iconic brands. Snoopy, Charlie Brown and their friends from Peanuts, the iconic comic strip from the 50s, arrive at Lacoste for the third time to for a new sporty, sweet and hilarious collection. This is how, with a lot of humour and plenty of style, Lacoste classics are reinvented, to bring the whole family together.

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Spontaneity and creativity

Lacoste x Peanuts: a legendary collection

Bright colours, pop prints and speech bubbles full of humour... The Lacoste x Peanuts collection, has fun with our classic pieces to dress all styles and generations.

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Lucy Van Pelt

Crabby and bossy, it's true, but she's more than that. Lucy Van Pelt is also a protective sister, a savvy businesswoman and she runs her own psychiatric booth. She loves Schroeder but hates dog germs.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is not a quitter... Even though all of his friends think he should be. He rarely wins but doesn't let that stop him from playing the game. He's a true friend, a dedicated team manager, a stalwart Snoopy supporter, and a hopeless and helpless romantic.


Snoopy is Charlie Brown's dog, but he's not like other dogs. For one thing he likes to sleep on the roof of his doghouse rather than in it. But most of all because of his incredible imagination.

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty is great at sport, boisterous, and of course full of zest. She prefers thoughtful conversation and napping to school work. Her best friend, Marcie, calls her 'Sir.' Her dad refers to her as his 'Rare Gem.'


Marcie is the intellectual one in the gang. She is inseparable from Peppermint Patty, who fascinates Marcie with her athletic feats.

Sally Brown

Charlie Brown's little sister, Sally is inquisitive and demands answers for everything. When faced with a question she can’t answer, she tackles the problem with a classic philosophy: “Who cares?!” Her heart skips a beat when she sees her “Sweet Babboo,” Linus.


Friends with Charlie Brown since they met on the beach by chance, Franklin is a thoughtful and intelligent boy. He loves hockey and being a member of Peppermint Patty's baseball team. And even though he thinks Charlie Brown’s friends are a little weird, he’s happy to be part of the gang.


A moody musical genius, Schroeder has been playing the piano since before he could walk. He also enjoys baseball and being with friends, but he’s never happier than when playing a Beethoven piece. If only he could get Lucy to leave him alone long enough to make it through the first movement of the sonata!


Woodstock is not a great flyer. In fact, he doesn’t even know what type of bird he is. The only thing he knows for sure is that he and Snoopy were destined to be great pals. Woodstock is always up for an adventure, but is just as happy relaxing at home.
Sweatshirts with Peanuts characters

Lacoste x Peanuts: for women

Comfortable knits, graphic polos, dresses full of panache. It's clear, the Lacoste x Peanuts collection is made for you.

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Peanuts men

Lacoste x Peanuts: for men

Shortsleeved or longsleeved polo? Sweatshirt or hoodie? In the Lacoste x Peanuts collection, embellished with the faces of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and their friends, all the choices are good.

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Sweatshirts with Peanuts characters

Peanuts x Lacoste: spoil your kids

Iconic polo, playful dresses, unique caps... Thanks to the Peanuts gang, your children will be delighted that you're dressing them up.

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Lacoste X Peanuts: Dive into the universe of the cult comic strip

Scan the filter Lacoste x Peanuts with your smartphone and dive into the iconic universe of the comic strip.